Admission Policies

A student is admitted to CCS on the basis of scoring within the designated range on the admissions exam (or submitting the current year’s Complete Battery SAT score from their prior school), and successfully concluding an administrative interview with approval to continue the admissions process.  A student’s admission status is finalized by completing the application packet, completing an interview with an administrator, making appropriate payment, and upon receipt and approval of former records.

Any student accepted to CCS will be on probationary status for one full academic quarter.  If it is determined at the time of testing that we will not be able to accommodate your child’s needs, we will do our best to direct you to more appropriate educational opportunities.

Operating as a distinctly Christian organization, CCS, as a ministry of South Dade Baptist Church, reserves the right to set and maintain standards of student conduct, dress, cleanliness, and academic rigor.  CCS was founded to provide a Christian education for students, and we maintain the right to refuse admittance to anyone who does not conform to these standards.  CCS reserves the right to refuse admission to students of other denominations and faiths whose doctrinal beliefs are in contrast to those of the school and church.  Any student that expresses or implies disharmony with our stated doctrinal beliefs may be asked to withdraw from the school.  CCS reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any students who are married, pregnant, have children, or are known to be sexually active.  Students who marry or have children during the school year must withdraw.

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