Welcome to our Alumni Center!

We are excited to announce that we will be having our annual Alumni Dinner on January 20, 2023! Please pay here.


Some of you may be aware that we had started an Alumni Committee in 2017 and had held two really neat alumni gatherings in 2018 and 2019, each with about 100 guests.  We want you to know that our heart has not changed, and we still very much want out alumni to feel welcome and wanted always at CCS.  We will re-establish these events as soon as we can, and begin to spread the word through email and social media.

On a related note, many of our alumni were very generous to support some initial steps we were taking towards building a gym… a project that is near and dear to the hearts of our alumni.  We want to assure you that those funds are in a restricted account and will not be used for any other purpose, no matter how long this pause may be.  Frankly, the amount of issues we have been juggling due to COVID has not allowed us to spend a single minute on our gym initiative, which we are calling Arise.   Again, we will keep you posted when the Arise project can take its next steps forward.  We would covet your prayers!***

Welcome to our Alumni Center!

We are so happy that you are visiting us!  In recent years we’ve discussed how to reach out to our alumni.  We are hoping that this page will help us to find and communicate with everyone who has attended or worked at CCS over the years.  We would love for you to complete the attached registration form so that we can share exciting events and developments at CCS and learn more about you.


Shhh… You are the first group to know!

CCS started a Gym Task Force in February, 2018.
We have been working hard on the concept and its development.
Watch our alumnus, Todd Hughes explain why we are looking for 100 Patriots!

Are you ready to be one of the 100 Patriots?  
Click here.

 Please complete our Alumni Registration Form.  We are so looking forward to getting to know you!
 Please spend some time exploring our calendar.  We do have quite a few alumni who visit our home sporting events on our field (soccer, softball, and baseball).  We would love to meet you too. Our Harvest Festival and Spaghetti Dinner are also super opportunities to visit the campus.  We are hoping to reengage enough alumni to start an annual alumni event, so please register above.

Do you have pictures from days gone by of the CCS/SDBC campus (preferably with students in the pictures)?  Please scan and email them to us at so that we can begin a scrapbook on this website of your pictures.  Please explain the picture (the year, location, and names if possible).


Should you need a transcript, please complete our Transcript Request Form.  It can be faxed back to the school at (305) 246-1542, scanned and sent in via email to, or mailed to our address.

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