Bible Class

The Bible is taught so that the student will develop sound Christian values that will govern the use of his knowledge and skills.  CCS desires to send out students into the world who will truly be lights in this world of spiritual darkness. 

CCS does not recognize a body of secular truth taught separate from the sacred.  We believe that all truth is from God and is related to God.  Therefore, a philosophy that places the Bible at the center of all truth permeates every subject that is taught.

The elementary grades (through 6th) have a daily Bible lesson from the Summit curriculum.  Each day includes  a time of prayer, Bible memorization, a Bible story, and worldview scenario talks..

The secondary grades use the Bob Jones Bible curriculum that follows the progression below during their daily Bible class:

Grade 7          Bible Truths A          Learning from the Life of Christ
Grade 8          Bible Truths B          Portraits from the Old Testament
Grade 9          Bible Truths C          Lessons from the Early Church
Grade 10        Bible Truths D          Themes from the Old Testament
Grade 11        Bible Truths E           Directions for Early Christians
Grade 12        Bible Truths F           Patterns for Christian Living

Additionally, secondary students begin their day in homeroom with a Bible verse and class prayer time.  This sets the tone for their daily activities.  Students also participate in Bible study groups every Friday afternoon.  These groups have a devotional and a time of prayer.  The devotions focus on a specific Biblical lesson or truth and provide an opportunity for a more intimate look at individual practices and help to foster a feeling of unity and family among students of a singular grade level.

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