Elementary Curriculum

The primary grades constitute the foundation of learning for every child.  CCS utilizes the A Beka curriculum in grades K3 – 6, which has a 47+ year track record of success.  This comprehensive and integrated curriculum, which has as its foundation intensive, systematic phonics, has been effective in raising the standards and expectations for our reading program.  The A Beka curriculum also places an emphasis on applying Biblical principles in all disciplines.  The following subject areas are taught daily in the elementary division: Bible, reading, writing, phonics, language, handwriting, mathematics, science, history, and physical education.  The following subjects are taught once a week: music, art,  and computers (starting in first grade).  The students will also visit the school media center and check out books on a weekly basis.  Click here to view a PDF of the A Beka Scope and Sequence.  Please also check out this link to several wonderful articles on A Beka’s educational philosophy.

Secondary Curriculum

CCS primarily uses the Bob Jones University Press textbooks almost exclusively, with only a handful of exceptions, for example, our high school Spanish courses use the A Beka textbook.  These time-tested, research-based curriculums, which are also Bible-based and Christ-centered, are well known in the Christian educational community as having set the standard for student performance.  We have found that the level of these curriculums suits the average to above-average student and is effective in preparation for college.   By utilizing the Bob Jones curriculums for our core subjects of Bible, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, we accomplish tremendous consistency in our scope and sequence.  

Our students in 12th grade take part in our eTextbook program.  Please find further information by following this link to our eTextbook page. 

Our students also use curriculum from Summit Ministries.

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