CCS uses Bob Jones University Press eTextbooks for English, Science, and Social Studies in grades 11-12.  BJU’s textbooks are already among the finest sources of Christian-based, college-preparatory materials available.  Now they have made those same textbooks available in an eTextbook form.  These eTextbooks have the same rock-solid content, and yet have graphics, study notes, and so much more.  And as is the case with most young people, the appeal of being in the technology world somehow adds a new dimension of fun and engagement, even with the same foundational truths being taught.  Each student is required to have an Amazon Kindle Fire (4th generation or later) or an Apple iPad (iOS 10.0 and greater).  We would recommend the Kindle Fire for the obvious reason that it is a more affordable device.


BJU Press eTextbooks are offered through the VitalSource Bookshelf® platform.  Our Technology Team will help each parent sign up for a free VitalSource Bookshelf account online, enter the special code received from BJU Press, and receive the eTextbooks in the virtual bookshelf.  Some neat features include:      

  • Anywhere, anytime access—The student gets three-way access to his eTextbook: desktop, online and mobile for an entire year. Free apps which allow offline viewing are available for PC, Mac, iOS (iPad, etc.).

  • Study features—Students can highlight text, define text (iOS only), write notes, and search eTextbook contents and notes.

  • Note-sharing—Students can share notes or subscribe to friends’ or teachers’ notes. Notes are synchronized across all devices.

  • Page fidelity—Pagination in both hard copy textbooks and eTextbooks is the same, enabling all students to be on the same page no matter which version they use in the classroom.

A full set of our CCS eTextbook guidelines are available by viewing the attached

Technology Usage Agreement

Also, you can learn more about Bob Jones University Press eTexbook program
by following this link and viewing the informational video.

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