Graduation Requirements

Colonial Christian School’s graduation requirements represent a course list that best prepares students for their adult Christian life.  We have aligned our course list with the graduation requirements of the State of Florida, as well as the requirements for the popular scholarship in the state of Florida, Bright Futures.

Please follow this link to see the CCS Graduation Requirements.
We encourage you to follow this link to the Florida Financial Aid Application that is available in October each year.  You may also want to learn more about the Bright Futures Scholarship.

Parents should stay apprised as to the dates of the CTL, SAT, and ACT test administrations in their child’s junior and senior year.  Parents and students should investigate which test is accepted by their colleges of choice.

We ask that you complete the CCS College Survey each year to better help us advise your child on their post-CCS options.

Parents are encouraged to utilize Scoir. Scoir is an advising platform to help with scholarships and college searches. Student sites are added to the system by me and then students are encouraged to invite their parent to help share information. Let me know what you need to add this to the website.


Senior Trip Prepayment Plan

Each year, our senior class chooses a location and takes an event-filled and memorable senior class trip.  The cost of the trip varies based on many factors including the destination, events, and size of the class.  Each class works for literally years in advance to fundraise for their trip.  Each class has a restricted financial account and all of their fundraising efforts are deposited into that protected account.  Each time you participate in a class fundraiser such as our booths at Harvest Festival, you are chipping away at the cost of the senior trip. 

Despite all of our efforts, there is usually a multiple hundred dollar a year burden on the part of the families for the senior trip.  If a parent decides to chaperone the trip, that adds to the cost.  We have worked on an option for parents in which they can prepay a portion of their child’s senior trip. 

Click the link below to find out how the COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Senior Trip Prepayment Plan works.

Senior Trip Prepayment Plan

If you have any questions on this program, please contact Mrs. Garcell at  However, if you fully understand and would like to enroll in the Senior Trip Prepayment Plan, simply complete the above form. 

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