My Child’s Grades & Homework

Please follow the link to HeadMaster Online to access your child’s grades and homework.

As one of our many technology enhancements, CCS distributes to each parent a code in order to view their child’s grades and homework online.  The link above takes you to the parent portal at the HeadMaster grading system’s website, or you can bookmark  You will be able to view a screen that will show you your child’s grade average for each subject area.  Teachers are required to keep their grades current, within a 72-hour window.  The grade you see online will reflect grades that were entered for assignments within a 3-day range of being turned in to the teacher.  A good use of this information would be for parents to periodically check their child’s grades, and commend them for their hard work and support them in areas that are a struggle for them.

The receipt of access to HeadMaster Online is a privilege, and any misuse of the information will lead to a withdrawal of that privilege by the school administration.

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