Our Philosophy

The purpose of CCS is to educate and train the whole student: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.  Students must honor the rights of others and respect manners, rules, and laws, all of which were created to preserve their freedom.  Not only must a student have his thoughts, actions, speech, and appearance reflect the Lord Jesus, but he must also have wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and skills that he can use to serve the Lord in the task of his choosing.

The Bible is taught so that the student will develop sound Christian values that will govern the use of his knowledge and skills.  CCS desires to send out students into the world who will truly be lights in this world of spiritual darkness.  CCS does not recognize a body of secular truth taught separate from the sacred.  We believe that all truth is from God and is related to God.  Therefore, a philosophy that places the Bible at the center of all truth permeates every subject that is taught.

Each student is expected to put forth his best efforts in his academic pursuits.  All students will be encouraged to use their God-given talents and gifts to their full potential.  An emphasis will be placed on each student being diligent at all times.

We believe that a generation of young people must be produced who love their country and are willing to defend the constitutional principles which made this country the greatest in the world…true Patriots.

CCS has set down rules and regulations based on Biblical principles in order to maintain an atmosphere where students can learn to appreciate the opportunity to study, learn, and grow spiritually in an orderly environment.  If a student does not keep these regulations, he is made aware of his offense and disciplined accordingly.  The goal of every disciplinary action is the development of self-control, not merely punishment of the student.  CCS will not only train its students in proper habits, but will also teach its students how to make decisions based on Biblical principles of right and wrong.

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