Health Protocols


Our on campus protocols include the following:

  • Daily prayer
  • Closed campus; adjustments to all drop offs and pick ups
  • Parent commitments to the CCS Health Covenant
  • Strict bathroom schedule and constant cleaning
  • Touch free sinks
  • Special area classes within in the regular classroom, or cancelled
  • Additional sessions of chapel to allow for greater spacing
  • Additional lunch windows/lunch spaces to allow for distancing
  • All desks facing in one direction
  • Isolation room being utilized for ill children
  • Extensive hand washing and in-class cleaning
  • Electrostatic cleaner in use throughout the day in high traffic areas
  • Additional, rigorous cleaning each evening
  • Touch free water bottle dispensers/fountains
  • Installation of  commercial grade ionizers (IWAVE Purification Systems) in classroom and FLC AC units.

Masks will be a parental choice.  

***But keep in mind, plans can/will be impacted by DOE, DOH, CDC, FEMA, the Governor’s orders, and Miami-Dade County ordinances.  Additionally, CCS reserves the right to add additional health and safety protocols if we feel conditions in our school community warrant greater stringency.***

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