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     Day by Day…As a Family

From Mrs. Morrissey…

What will we be doing as a school family to educate our CCS students in the 2021-2022 school year? Well, the short answer is…

ANYTHING we have to in order to stand by each family during these challenging days.

Below, you will find a list of protocols that are currently in place.  Each quarter, our protocols are reviewed and our next quarter protocols are announced in a parent Zoom meeting.

These protocols have been enacted after engaging in constant study, viewing webinars, reading the science, looking directly at the data, and getting directives from various government authorities and agencies (CDC [see below], Department of Education, Department of Health, FEMA, FACCS…).  And, of course, our entire staff has been engaged in a significant prayer process regarding all of these decisions, and the health of our CCS family.


Our on campus protocols include the following:

  • Daily prayer
  • Closed campus; adjustments to all drop offs and pick ups
  • Parent commitments to the CCS Health Covenant
  • Strict bathroom schedule and constant cleaning
  • Touch free sinks
  • Special area classes within in the regular classroom, or cancelled
  • Additional sessions of chapel to allow for greater spacing
  • Additional lunch windows/lunch spaces to allow for distancing
  • All desks facing in one direction
  • Isolation room being utilized for ill children
  • Extensive hand washing and in-class cleaning
  • Electrostatic cleaner in use throughout the day in high traffic areas
  • Additional, rigorous cleaning each evening
  • Touch free water bottle dispensers/fountains
  • Installation of  commercial grade ionizers (IWAVE Purification Systems) in classroom and FLC AC units.

Masks will be a parental choice.  We have asked our families to complete a form on Family ID to identify one of three choices:

1) my child will wear a mask (parents are responsible to provide their child with a mask each day)
2) my child will wear a mask while indoors, but should remove their mask while outdoors
3) my child will not wear a mask

It is our goal to partner and assist with your chosen school-day mask preference for your child. For elementary students, our teachers will offer gentle reminders to your child according to your preference. For students in 6th – 12th grade, please have a conversation as a family about your preference prior to the start of school. Adhering to your mask preference for them will be their responsibility.

***But keep in mind, plans can/will be impacted by DOE, DOH, CDC, FEMA, the Governor’s orders, and Miami-Dade County ordinances.  Additionally, CCS reserves the right to add additional health and safety protocols if we feel conditions in our school community warrant greater stringency.***

Florida Department of Education
Coronavirus Decision Tree:

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